Author Topic: Donations for Katrina: email from an actual relief worker  (Read 1717 times)

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Donations for Katrina: email from an actual relief worker
« on: October 18, 2005, 07:28:57 PM »

I work in a Social Service agency. Recently one of our agency nurses was deployed to Louisiana, as you can read below. She just came back this weekend and I spoke to her on Monday about her experience.

She feels that after her experience in Louisana, that donating physical goods is still very much needed.  She put together the following email while in Louisiana. Her email is as follows.

Please pass this onto anyone you feel might be interested.

As a lot of you may know, I am presently in Louisiana
(since last Saturday until Sat 10/15) volunteering.
I am working at a Special Needs Shelter, which
services evacuees from both Hurricanes Katrina & Rita
who have skilled nursing needs, such as residents of
nursing homes who were evacuated, dialysis patients,
those with disabilities or medical or psychiatric
problems, as well as their care givers.  The
population is around 250, at capacity.
The reason I am writing, is if anyone or their job,
church, etc, is looking of a place to send donations,
they would be gladly accepted here, as this shelter is
planning to remain operating for the next 2-3 months,
and there are many people here who still only have
literally the shirt on their back to wear.
The following items could definitely be used here, but
the list is by no means exclusive:
-mens & women's clothes - ANY sizes, for both warm &
cold seasons
-men's & women's underwear
-toiletries, including shampoo, tooth paste, tooth
brushes, brushes, nail files, razors, shave cream, etc
-adult diapers/depends
-baby wipes
-chux pads
-latex free gloves
-linens, especially blankets, lap robes, & pillow
-egg crate mattresses, blow up mattresses
old wheel chairs, canes, walkers
-stuffed animals - for the few children, as well as
the elderly here
-even cards or drawings by kids to decorate the walls
would be nice, because the shelter is set up in a ymca

The shelter info is:


If you'd like to verify the information, the telephone
# is 318 767 8828.  Feel free to forward this to whom
ever you'd like.
Hope all is well.
Take care,
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