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The World Can't Wait -- FAQ
« on: October 18, 2005, 12:30:42 PM »
F.A.Q. (frequently asked questions)
> Q: Okay, I've read your call. And I sure don't like Bush. But is it really as
bad as you say?
A: No. It's probably worse. There is no doubt that there are crimes being done and
plans being hatched that are beyond the ones listed in our call and beyond your
imagination. On top of this, way too many people are letting themselves get lulled
into a gradual acceptance of the outrages that are going on, and allowing themselves
to be blinded to the actual direction of things. So it is as bad as we say and it's
getting worse.
> Q: But it's not fascism yet, is it?
A: No it's not. But what's your point? That we should wait 'til it is, when it'll be much
much harder to defeat? And look B if all this is not bad enough for you already, if you
can look at Abu Ghraib or the indefinite solitary detention of Jose Padilla solely on
Bush's say-so, if you can watch the debate over whether Harriet Miers is "Christian"
enough to sit on the Supreme Court, if you can do all that and more without puking
and still console yourself that at least it's not fascist then something's wrong. You
know it and we know it.
> Q: I don't like those things either, but it seems as if Bush is actually losing
power. First there was Cindy Sheehan and falling public support for the war
in Iraq, then all the anger around his handling of Katrina, and now even
people in his own party are attacking him about Harriet Miers. Isn't the Bush
presidency really on the rocks? Won't it just sink of its own accord?
A: No. While the Bush Regime has suffered some important political setbacks, it is
like a wounded animal, most dangerous when cornered. So long as he is president,
there are many ways that Bush and his regime can bounce back and re-seize the
initiative. For instance, Daniel Ellsberg, the man who exposed the Pentagon Papers in
the 70's and who knows quite a bit about the inner workings of the U.S. government,
has warned that the Bush administration is counting on another 911 type incident to
change public opinion and enable the regime to bring in a draft and a clampdown
"that will make the Patriot Act look like the Bill of Rights."
On the other hand, Bush is hurting and if we don't seize the initiative now, if we
don't press our advantage, if we don't all throw in and demand his ouster, if we are
stupid and passive enough to allow him to regroup . . . then SHAME ON US.
> Q: But who will replace Bush? Won't it just be worse?
A: To answer the second question first, no, it won't be worse; it will be much, much
better, it will be like removing a forty-pound tumor from your gut. We will be a hell of
a lot closer to ending this obscene war in Iraq, to ending the American torture camps
at Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib, Bagram and who know where else, to stopping religious
fanatics from deciding who makes the laws, to the right to abortion not being under
imminent threat, etc. How in the world will that be worse?
And, by the way, there won't be a "President Cheney" either this movement is going
to send Bush, Cheney and the rest of those fascists packing, and they can take their
whole damn program with them.
What there will be is a people that have driven out a monstrous clique and are newly
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energized and organized and ready to take society in a much much better direction.
> Q: Yes, but what does come next?
A: Again, the first thing that "comes next" will be an energized people, in their
millions, that have lifted their heads and are finally acting for basic social justice.
After that, there are people in "World Can't Wait" who are working for everything
from impeachment to communist revolution. And isn't debating that out a hell of a lot
better than talking about "how much more can we take before we move to Canada?"
> Q: But aren't there communists in World Can't Wait?
A: Yeah, there are. Supporters of the Revolutionary Communist Party helped initiate
it. They're in it because they think it's absolutely urgent to get rid of this regime, that
it would both lift a huge burden from the world and would also give people a sense of
their own potential power, and they think all that would open up avenues to get to
the society they want. Same as a whole lot of other people in World Can't Wait
which, by the way, includes Greens, Christians, Republicans, anarchists, Muslims,
Jews, feminists, Democrats, pacifists, and people who claim no affiliation who also
think it's urgent to drive out the Bush Regime and who also think it can help lead to
bigger changes that they want in society, coming from their own viewpoints.
But to turn the question around, if you refuse to pitch in to November 2, when you
know that this is what has to be done, just because there are communists in it, then
you need to think about how well that worked back in Nazi Germany (when the many
forces opposed to Hitler could not find the ways to unite). And how exactly would you
explain your particular brand of "abstinence only" policy to a prisoner at Abu Ghraib
or a teenager in Tennessee who desperately needs an abortion or someone whose
mother was killed at a checkpoint near Falluja? And then after you think about that,
you need to actually start working on November 2. To stand aside at this point is
really unconscionable.
> Q: But what about the Democrats? Why can't we make them fight harder,
and then vote Bush out in 2006? That sounds more realistic.
A: If you're trying to actually stop the Bush program and reverse the direction he's
taking society, that's the most unrealistic plan possible. First of all, the Democrats
won't win. And second, even if somehow they did win, a) they agree with the
Republicans on the war and repression and many other major issues, and b) they
won't challenge them on the ones they don't agree on.
And besides let's stop being like Charlie Brown, eternally hoping that Lucy won't pull
the football away as we run up to kick it. Face it: if you asked this question, you've
been pouring your hopes, money and energy into the Democrats for years now. And
how's that been working for you?
> Q: What if this polarizes people?
A: Good. You need argument and debate in order to change people's minds. You
need lines to be drawn sharply for people to get up and act and make change. You
need all this to get society to move. Name any progressive change that didn't
polarize people. The problem right now is that people are finding too many ways to
live in the moral shadows of this regime.
The people in power right now are wreaking terrible suffering on the world and they
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are attempting to bring down even worse. Anyone who supports them is WRONG,
and they need to learn that. The people trying to drive out this regime are doing a
great thing, and they are RIGHT, and they need to start acting like it. And the people
sitting on the fence are. . . well, they need to get off it. Now. To refuse to take a
stand when the fate of the world is at stake is morally bankrupt and unacceptable.
> Q: Maybe you're right. But it seems so hard to take on a whole regime.
Wouldn't it be better to take on one thing like the war, or torture?
A: People should righteously fight against every outrage, and we should all support
such resistance. But all these outrages are part of an entire program, an entire
direction, that is right now represented by these people in power and unless they are
stopped, that program will not be deterred. Again, without taking anything away from
those fights, we don't want to fight over deckchairs or even lifeboats on the Titanic,
when we need to change the whole direction of the ship.
> Q: But you're talking about hundreds of thousands and eventually millions.
Can we really get all those people mobilized? Can we really realize the vision
in the Call?
A: There are millions of people who not only voted against Bush, they poured their
money and time into working against him. They didn't do that because they loved
John Kerry, they didn't do it because there was this or that part of Bush's agenda
that they objected to they did it because they were sickened by the whole direction
of this country under Bush. If anything, more people feel that way today than ever.
Our Call speaks to these people; our demand is their demand. The more we've gotten
this messabe out there in radio ads, with the Call, and so on the more that people
have responded and stepped forward. And yes we have a lot more to do to reach the
goal a hell of a lot. But if we spread the word fast enough and far enough, if we
really organize with all we've got in these next two weeks, if we reach into their
hearts, if we work and think and struggle like we never have before. . . then we can
do it. The potential exists. It has to be realized.
And it can be. If you help make it happen. November 2 can and must be a real
beginning the day that marks the beginning of the end of the Bush Regime. This
CAN be done if you join in.
> Q: But "regime change" is scary.
A: Not as scary as "regime staying in power."
> Q: I just don't know. There's too much tradition in this country, too many
good people, too many safeguards, for fascism to get established. I just
think that it can't happen here.
A: And where have we heard that before?
* * * * *
from 9/29:
From the organizers: We think it's a great thing that the most common question is
not whether we should drive out the Bush regime, but whether it's possible, how
we're going to do it, and what will replace it. We appreciate your feedback as we
Page The World Can't Wait - Drive Out the Bush Regime! e 3 of 6 10/18/2005
continue this conversation.
 Is this possible? How do you drive out a regime? What will November 2nd look like?
 If we drive out the Bush regime, what will replace it?
> Is this possible? How do you drive out a regime? What will November 2nd
look like?
In recent years, millions have spoken out, protested, refused to comply with
outrageous new repressive measures, given money, voted, and more. Still, the Bush
juggernaut of war, repression and hurtful fundamentalist morality has rolled ahead.
All this has shown two things:
1. There are indeed tens of millions who are deeply disturbed by and opposed to the
whole direction that the Bush administration is dragging our world into.
2. The will of the people means nothing to the Bush regime. The people's will must be
forged into an organized political resistance which repudiates and reverses the
whole direction of society, and forces Bush himself from office.
Of course, everyone wants to know exactly what steps will be taken to create a
political situation where these things happen. But setting out to drive out a regime, in
particular this regime, in this country has never been done before and it is not
possible to say exactly what steps will be required or what its final days will look like.
The future is unwritten. Right now, we need very urgently to start writing a new
Think about this: When four young people sat in at a lunch counter in the South, they
didn't know exactly what forms of struggle the Civil Rights movement would develop
or how many and who would join them. When women and doctors developed
networks to provide abortions and held speak-outs to make it legal, they didn't know
exactly what court ruling or piece of legislation would codify this right.
They did these things because living one more day without resistance was
intolerable. And, by doing what was right and not compromising, they set new terms
for society, changed what was deemed possible and realistic and were able to
galvanize and activate many thousands more in ways that couldn't have been
Today we are facing an unprecedented situation. The challenge is bigger, the stakes
are higher, and the window of opportunity is being hammered shut rapidly. There is a
moment to seize right now while public support for Bush is at its lowest and millions
are seething with anger and aching with desire to affect things. The world cannot
wait. The Bush regime must be driven from power. But, we must leave the
comfortable ruts of familiar territory and politics-as-usual if we are to stand a chance.
Think of how many people were inspired by the uncompromising and courageous
stand of Cindy Sheehan. We are in a moment when one person stepping boldly
forward, pointing out that the emperor not only has no clothes, but is a lying, callous
brute, can change the whole national discourse. Imagine what can happen when
hundreds of thousands, on one day, refuse to bite their tongues or stay at home.
November 2nd, 2005 will be a launch of a new kind of movement, a societywide
resistance. It holds the potential to break open new space and possibilities for
Page The World Can't Wait - Drive Out the Bush Regime! e 4 of 6 10/18/2005
the struggle going forward.
November 2nd, 2005 must be a day when history starts to turn.
November 2nd will be a day when those who hate and fear the future Bush is
creating will pour into the streets together, out from beneath the suffocating
“mandate” Bush claimed last November 2nd, out of the “acceptable” political
framework that forces people to speak in “reasoned” tones about compromise
positions, out of the dynamic of fighting Bush's outrages one at a time constantly
losing ground to the whole onslaught, out of the logic of waiting…and waiting…and
waiting for someone somewhere else to say what must be said and do what must be
done, while each day people grow accustomed to unspeakable crimes.
On November 2nd, in society-wide outpourings – in large cities and small towns,
emptying high schools and colleges and lining the highways in rural areas, buzzing
through the media and provoking frank debates among families, friends and
coworkers – we will say: NO MORE! WE REFUSE TO BE RULED IN THIS WAY! BUSH
Everyone will be clear – this outpouring is just the beginning of a new kind of
movement which takes the offensive in society and really wages a pitched political
battle for the whole direction of the future. The gatherings will bring together the
impatience of the youth who walk out of school, with the experience of those from
the 60's generation, with the stature and voices of prominent artists and intellectuals,
together with the anger and perspective of those who have been hardest hit by the
Bush program of repression and heightened poverty and racism. The organizers will
direct participants to trade phone numbers and emails with other protesters, to start
up discussion groups and book-clubs about fascism and resistance movements,
building communities of resistance going forward.
By bringing together hundreds of thousands nationwide in outpourings of many sizes
which become the lead story in small towns and large cities on the news that night,
this day will give heart and inspiration to millions of others who are looking for a way
to stop this direction and will very quickly draw them into an organized resistance. It
will put a challenge to many who still support Bush, causing them to question and,
for some, begin to break with a program that is not in their interests. It will also give
notice to the regime and its die-hard supporters that they will not have a free-hand in
reshaping the world, leaving them further exposed in the eyes of millions.
This day alone will not stop the regime, but it will introduce a whole new dynamic and
will enable millions to make a big leap towards a movement that can stop it. This day
will embolden individuals and groups everywhere to speak up, to defend others who
come under attack, to challenge the Bushian mentality and program everywhere it
pops up – from the local school boards pushing “intelligent design” and Abstinence
Only, to the pulpits promoting hurtful intolerance of gays and non-Christians, to the
unjust war and continuing torture, and beyond.
November 2nd is a day for which thousands must immediately throw in all their
energies and time, creativity and critical thought, connections, skills and finances to
pull off on a scale that accomplishes this important beginning.
From there, further organization and planning will be required, but all of it will be in a
new context and with new strength. As organizers of the World Can't Wait – Drive
Out the Bush Regime, we pledge to take responsibility for leading and broadening the
core of those leading this all the way through. We will hold a national summit to chart
our next steps, bringing to bear all the strength and momentum and lessons we have
gathered and surge ahead on a higher level which impacts the terrain again
nationally and internationally.
Page The World Can't Wait - Drive Out the Bush Regime! e 5 of 6 10/18/2005
Years from now, when children want to know the character of their parents -- as they
lived in a country that was normalizing torture, moving to condemn half the
population to enforced motherhood or back-alley dangers, attacking science and
critical thought, waging wars of preemption based on outrageous lies, snatching
people off the street without lawyers or charges, and no major office-holder was
making a stink – they will ask, “Were you in the streets that day, on November 2nd,
> If we drive out the Bush regime, what will replace it?
Our government's agenda, actions and direction are intolerable. We must act now;
the future is in the balance.
What the world needs most at this moment is massive and broad political resistance
to the Bush regime. We can and must bring millions of people into motion to stop and
reverse the political direction the Bush regime is dragging the country and the world.
We must drive the Bush regime from office.
The question of what will replace the Bush regime should be discussed and debated
as we join together and work shoulder-to-shoulder toward our common political goal.
There are, there will be, and there should be many diverse views on this question
among us. Our unity is embodied in the Call and our main slogan, The world can't
wait—Drive out the Bush regime!
Answered from another angle by the World Can't Wait Youth & Students:
What is the point of the question? Are you saying that if we don't have a full vision of
where society needs to ultimately go that we should not go anywhere? Are you
saying that people should not unite broadly on a great need that desperately calls out
to be done, by millions of people all around the planet, because people disagree
about what to do once that need is met?
Let's take this outlook into other realms. Imagine being in a prison, and knowing that
everyone in there, or the vast majority of people, were unwillingly there and wanted
to get out. Now imagine you had a plan to break through the walls. You had a vehicle
that could bust the wall open and free the prisoners, but you heard that it would take
all of the people, or the majority of the inmates, to unite to operate the vehicle in
order to bust through the wall, and, in order to do that, people needed to first escape
their assigned duties that the guards were telling them they needed to stay within.
If you heard this plan, saw its viability, and saw, while difficult, it was reasonable,
and achievable, in fact the only way to actually get out of the prison, would you say,
“well, f- this plan, I am not getting down if you don't know what we are going to do
once we get past the walls.”
THAT'S CRAZY! When the walls come down, a whole new world of possibility will open
up, and we need to have talked about what we should do with the potential that does
open up. But as we do so, let's not lose sight of where we are, and where we will be.
And let's not lose sight of the fact that a more appropriate analogy may not be a
prison, or even a plantation. A more appropriate analogy may be a ghetto, or a
concentration camp. The World Can't Wait, Drive Out the Bush Regime.
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