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Public Plaza on Newtown Avenue in front of Key Food - It's time
« on: November 04, 2018, 06:09:44 PM »
Recently the city extended the sidewalks and narrowed the turn onto Newtown Avenue on 30th Avenue in front of Key Food. They did this to make things safer. However, it has failed. Cars still fly through the pedestrian walkway nearly hitting pedestrians and recently a small boy was hit by a car on Newtown, fortunately he did not die. The cost of this sidewalk extension was $400,000.

A few years ago, forward-thinking residents and city leaders had the idea to turn Newtown Avenue in front of Key Food into a public park. The cost would have been about $100,000. That's correct, it would have been 4 times cheaper than what they paid for the pathetic and dangerous sidewalk extension.

Unfortunately, the powers that be did not listen to the people at the town hall and they overwhelmingly voted against the public plaza. Their two main reasons were that the park would attract homeless people and loitering, and that cars would have no place to park in front of Key Food.

It's time to try again. The road is dangerous and unnecessary, and the neighborhood would benefit from having a public space in that location. There is an increase in children being born in the neighborhood and families need a place to hang out. It is only a matter of time until a pedestrian is killed crossing that street and a park would put an end to that possibility. As far as homeless people and loiterers, that's a dumb argument because those problems exist already all along the street. The police will take care of it. As far as cars, too bad. If you choose to have a car in NYC you have to accept the inconvenience. Most of us choose to not have a car and this is a pedestrian neighborhood. Drivers can find somewhere else to park. Plus, Key Food offers free parking in the back which is unheard of.

The time has come to resurrect the Newtown Avenue public space! Who's with me?


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