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Author Topic: We need to petition the city for better oversight of food delivery guys  (Read 999 times)

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I recommend we all start writing to Costa C., Melinda Katz, Grubhub, Seamless, the DoT, etc. about the food delivery guy problem.

I mean, most of us use them.  And I for one totally appreciate the work they do.  It's difficult.  It's dangerous.  Not to mention some folks still expect them to deliver in torrential rain/blizzard conditions.  They work for every penny.  I get it, really I do.  And I always tip them very well.


That does not change the fact that far too many of them break traffic laws.  And now they even have E-bikes, which not only go faster, but have virtually SILENT motors.  So you don't even hear them coming!

Tonight, walking home in the dark, the very same food delivery guy went through two different red lights (as I was crossing!), during different points of my walk home from the market.  This guy had NO LIGHTS on his bike, so I hardly noticed him, and by the time I wanted to yell...well, of course he was long gone.

This has got to stop.  I hold Seamless, Grubhub, the DoT and all restaurants with takeout, responsible.  Oh sure, their official policies are 'all our drivers are told they must obey all traffic laws'.  But clearly these guys understand that there are no repercussions.  I'd be shocked if there haven't already been accidents involving pedestrians and food delivery guys.

99% of these guys have no identifying info on themselves or their bikes, or if there IS a license or a sign, it's illegible.

With rampant development in Astoria, and the ensuing hipsters living in their new 'luxury apartments', the demand for takeout will only increase, and with that, more food delivery guys on the streets.

We need to tackle this problem before someone gets killed.


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