Author Topic: Ditmars/Upper Ditmars folks: what are dark, large 'roach' type bugs on streets?  (Read 1397 times)

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Hey all.

I've lived near Steinway/21st Ave. few years now, and every summer from like June-Sep., I see dark large roaches on sidewalks and around tree trunks, particularly at night.

In my apt. building, we get these same bugs, generally June-Sep only, in the stairwells and sadly, in our apartments.  Some folks call these 'waterbugs' but technically, I don't think that's what they are, nor do I think they are 'german cockroaches'.  They don't appear to have wings, nor long tentacles in the front, and their color is more 'black' than the dark/light caramel brown shades of a roach.  I looked for a photo online but am not seeing my particular bug, but perhaps Upper Ditmars folks know what I'm talking about?

As they say, keep your friends close and your enemies (i.e., these bugs) closer.  The best way to know how to attack these bugs is for first understand WHAT they are.  Anyone know?

Either way, after last summer (where it was the WORST I'd ever seen in my apartment...I saw a few of these bugs just within a few weeks time, which is way too many for me....), after that, I got Combat Large Roach traps (replace them every 5 months).... I sealed up any cracks behind fridge and stove....  I spray an insecticide with skinny tube applicator into all floor crevices in my apt. and in the stairwell, every few weeks.  AND I bought electronic bug repellers. 

I will say the 10 months since I started that plan of attack, not one bug...not even the occasional centipede.  However, then just two days ago, in my bathtub, there was another of these 'waterbug/german cockroach' things, or whatever they are exactly.  On one hand I feel better that at least the bug was in the tub (likely came right out of the tub spout) plus because he couldn't escape from the slippery tub, I was easily able to kill him. I am a bit paranoid...that maybe the season is once again starting up for these bugs.

Any insights appreciated!!


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I'm really sure you're talking about a variety of waterbug.  As you know, the same bug is called by many names, and different bugs are called by the same name, so unless you get a close-up photo and show it to an entomologist you may never know precisely what they are.  It's sounds like you're doing all you can to keep them out of your house and it's working. 

I always add one more piece of advice about waterbugs: don't buy potatoes by the pre-packaged sack, pick them out one by one so you can make sure there are no bugs on them.  My husband used to insist on buying potatoes by the sack and every time he brought one home we'd have waterbugs.  I haven't checked anywhere to see if waterbugs particularly like potatoes, but he stopped buying the sacks and we stopped having waterbugs.

Beetles usually hold their wings close to their bodies so they might not be easily visible on the bugs you're seeing, but they definitely do fly.   


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