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The Rules - Everyone should read this post.
« on: October 08, 2007, 08:14:37 PM »
General Board Guidelines:

- This board is an open community site. Anyone and everyone is welcome here as long as you obey the rules. No member of this board speaks for all the other members. Everyone is equal, there are no cliques. To our best ability the rules are applied equally - please let us know if you've been treated unfairly by sending a personal message to a moderator.

- This isn't a random internet site. Given the nature of this online community having real world connections to a real community (Astoria & LIC) it's important to keep in mind that what happens here is not limited to the void of the internet. What you say, and how you behave here has an impact on your real community that you live in. Please treat others with the same neighborly respect you would like to receive from one of your neighbors. This isn't just a random internet site with people you'll never meet.

- This is not a "bulletin board" like the kind you see at your local grocery store, it is a community discussion and conversation board. There is a bias on the board towards "discussion" and less interest in "classifieds" and "advertisements". If you have a classified or advertisement to post it's no problem, just please do it in the business or trade categories, or post on craigslist. Spamming will not be tolerated.

- Use of this site, and participation in discussions here are a privilege not a right. This is a private website, not a governmental agency or publicly owned service. We will not hesitate to limit your participation (in the same way a bar, restaurant, or cafe would remove you from the premises) if you choose to disregard the rules, abuse others, and/or cause unreasonable disruption.

With that in mind, here are some things to consider when posting:

  • Write about posts, arguments, and positions, not members.
  • Avoid generalizations about and dismissive names for groups of people.
  • If you’ve got data, evidence, or proof, provide it and a source. If you don’t, recognize that you’re arguing from experience, anecdote, and a limited perspective.
  • Ask other members questions, particularly if you disagree. That’s a good way to avoid the sorts of erroneous assumptions that are otherwise inevitable in on-line communication.
  • Think about pronouns: “I” is generally good, “we” is tricky, and “you” is almost always a bad idea, as it implicates members and not their ideas.
  • Recognize that you’re unlikely to prove someone’s beliefs are wrong, but that a respectful explanation of why you disagree might help them understand your position.

Basically, please try and keep in mind that this is a public conversation and dialog just like you might have in a local cafe or bar. You might feel insulated from other people on this board because it's an electronic conversation but try and keep in mind that unlike most random internet sites, you probably live next door to the people you interact with on this board. The way you treat others here has a direct impact on the "Astoria Karma" you experience on the street. As you engage people please keep this in mind.


- Don't make it personal: We do not permit ad hominem arguments or personal attacks. If you have a problem with something someone has said, ask for clarification, or send them a private message. If you feel the need to respond publicly don't make it personal (like "hey you jerk, I'm offended"). Instead engage the person's idea and express your disagreement with it in a respectful way (I disagree with notion that... and this is why...).

- No name calling: Don't call people names. Calling people names does no service to this community and it will not be tolerated - don't do it, even if "the other person started it". Responding to objectionable content with retaliation or escalation is one of the fastest ways to get banned from this site.

- Use the "report to moderator" feature: Objectionable comments should be reported to the moderation staff by clicking the “report” button and filling out the form on the following page. Personal messenger (PM) and email harassment should also be reported to management. Once you submit a report your message is put in a moderation queue, please note it may take a while for a moderator to take action since we do work full-time jobs.

- Members should not attempt to act as moderators, instead, report the post and move on.

- Avoid repetition and duplicate posting: We encourage a diversity of viewpoints; however once a point has been made the discussion needs to move forward. Excessive repetition and filibustering are not permitted - this also applies to "announcements". You might think this will give more exposure to your content; it does, but in a negative way because this is seen as rude. Post your content once, to the correct category. This includes "quoting" an earlier message for the sole purpose of bumping the thread or expressing agreement. Please use the "nod" feature instead.

- Do not quote personal messages publicly: Unless you are sure the other person would be ok with it. We don't want to read your personal conversations.

- Act appropriately: We do not permit comments that we deem abusive, baiting, defamatory, insulting, harassing, inflammatory, hateful, obscene, inappropriately rude or personal, retaliatory, threatening, invasive of privacy or violative of any law.

- Contact a moderator or admin (merm) directly: If you are having an ongoing problem, or feel you are being harassed by another member you can contact one of the moderators directly. Additionally, public debate and protest of moderation or administrative decisions is discouraged because it seldom is helpful to the community as a whole.

* We welcome feedback about the rules. As this community grows the rules may need to change, please feel free to make suggestions or provide feedback on how to change the rules as your ideas are welcome.
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