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Riding in the AIDS Ride
« on: August 31, 2007, 11:25:50 AM »
125 MILE RIDE!!!!

BOSTON TO PROVINCETOWN!!! on September 15.

I'm doing this, folks, and am still looking for sponsors...even small bits add up with this one. Any sponsorships can be one online at:
-click "Help Us"
-click "Online Donation"
-search for Rider #359

It's an AIDS Ride (I'm Riding for the Cape Cod AIDS Support Group.)

Remarkably, they're set up so that ALL FUNDS GO TO THE CHARITY.

Also, if you hardy riders still want to do this, you can still sign up for it. They're remarkably organized. My other half and I are renting an SUV, so transport is workable.


PS: email me so I can invite you to a party in the nabe for my sponsors...I'll be cookin Cajun (& my homemade hurricanes are legendary). There's a connection to Astoria & N'awlins, by the way...check out the note at the beginning of A CONFEDERACY OF DUNCES.


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