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Author Topic: Looking for 1 BR or Large Studio Apartment Near Subway - May 28th-31st Move-in  (Read 1242 times)

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Hi Everyone,

I know it's early to start looking but I'm a planner and like to get things done as soon as I can! I'm currently in a 2BR apt on 35th St. & Broadway and while I love the space and wish I could renew, my roommate is moving out and its about time i got my own space. Figured i'd post here to see if this great community has any insider info!

Anyways as the title says, I'm looking for a 1BR apt here in Astoria near the subway (within 5-10 minute walking distance). Would love for a spot near Kaufman Studios or off Broadway between Steinway and 31st St. But really open to anywhere in this wonderful neighborhood.

Preferably looking for an open layout style apartment that gets good sunlight on either the first floor if a walk-up or any floor if there's an elevator in the building.

I have excellent credit with verifiable income and strong references. My budget is $1400-$1700 (obviously the lower the better). Willing to do a multi-year lease for the right place.

Hopefully that's not asking too much! But if you do have something available or know of something please let me know, i'd really appreciate it!!



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