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Hello Out Astoria Members
« on: May 28, 2007, 08:22:00 PM »
Hello to Out Astoria members.  My name is Van.  I have lived in Astoria, near Bohemian Hall for 7 years. I really love the area. It is a nice respite from the city.

I am new to the Out Astoria group; I actually found out about it through a friend who lives on the Upper West Side.

I am a media market researcher; I conduct audience studies for TV networks. Ever wondered why a character dropped off a show?  Ever wondered why your favorite show is rated highly, or on the other hand, why the show suddenly vanishes? I have both the fortunate and unfortunate answers!!

My most interesting study was one on the lesbian teen character, Bianca, on “All My Children.” I have also conducted studies for Nickelodeon, NBC (did one study of college students’ reactions to  “Will & Grace”), ESPN ("The Jim Rome Show"), Lifetime, and CBS.

I attended college at the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana, which is 2 hrs south of Chicago. I paid my way through school by teaching classes and managing bands.  I obtained my Ph.D. in 1988. I am 49 years old.

I am also a writer.  I have published several books, including a book about the ways in which Andy Warhol influenced singers/musicians such as David Bowie, Lou Reed, New York Dolls,                                      Roxy Music, and subsequently how Warhol influenced punk. 

I have been a fan of rock and roll/popular music since I was a kid. Some of my favorite bands/singers are The Velvet Underground, David Bowie, Lou Reed, The Ramones, early Elvis Presley, early Blondie, Television, Iggy Pop, REM, Nirvana, Black Flag/Henry Rollins, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Nick Cave, Sonic Youth, Peter Bjorn and John, The Smiths, White Stripes, Beck, and Nine Inch Nails, to name a few.

I am a fan of independent films; a junkie when it comes to trash TV; I like going out to hear live music; going to parks to hear bands; and I am a huge fan of art; I go to the Met and Whitney museums and the Chelsea galleries once a month. 

I travel a lot with my work, but hope to meet all of you soon.

Best, Van

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Re: Hello Out Astoria Members
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Welcome Van!


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