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Author Topic: 7/19/17 - Film Viewing/Discussion "Fix IT: Healthcare at the Tipping Point"  (Read 1563 times)

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Join us to view the film, "Fix It: Healthcare At The Tipping Point," by Richard Master, CEO of MCS Industries, a Pennsylvania-based manufacturer of picture frames and decorative mirrors. In Master's own words: "Startling findings of my research so outraged me that I felt an obligation to share it with other Americans, especially other CEOs. That's why I reached out to award-winning filmmakers to produce this film, which makes a compelling case for scrapping our complex and needlessly expensive multi-payer system for a single payer."

Discussion to follow led by former entrepreneur and current healthcare activist, Frank Puig, who has also previously served in several high level NY State Government posts under Governor Mario Cuomo. Location: WeWork Studio Square 3537 36th St., Astoria from 6 to 9 pm. Refreshments will also be served. For questions or to RSVP contact:


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