Author Topic: Help! Need a pet-friendly bldg or broker in Astoria-LIC  (Read 1484 times)

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Help! Need a pet-friendly bldg or broker in Astoria-LIC
« on: October 30, 2006, 05:52:37 PM »
We are a professional couple in our 30's with two good natured cats, and no children. Also excellent income, references, et als.  we have NO children....but We cannot find an apt. in Astoria that is cat friendly to save our lives.

An apt we had already put deposit on was taken out of contract because the landlord, and I quote, "would rather let the apartment sit vancant for a year than have g--d--cat people move in."

HELP! We need to move Dec 1 as our landlady has sold the bldg our apartment is in!

Does ANYONE have any names of brokers who may help, or if you are in a pet-friendly buidling that has vacancies/name of mgt company?   We've seen almost every broker from Ditmars blvd to 30th avenue.

Or is all of astoria now like this? My old apt didnt have any pet issues, nor did the apt before (both in this area). Giving up the cats is not an option.

its ridiculous to me that someone with 4 kids and no credit can get an apartment quicker than a couple who earn 65x the annual rent who are responsible animal owners.

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Re: Help! Need a pet-friendly bldg or broker in Astoria-LIC
« Reply #1 on: October 30, 2006, 07:16:00 PM »
there is an apartment complex on 27 and 21 Ave all the way down to Shore Blvd, no fee, seems to have great management company.  Nice apartments, well-kept as far as I can tell.  They do accept dogs, the phone number is on a sign at the building, I think on 26th St and 21 Ave.  You can make an apt and fill out an application.
Worth a try. If they accept dogs, they will accept cats.

I've given the same advice to everyone who asks me if I know of any nice apartments in the area.

Dedicate a weekend, Saturday and Sunday. Find which area of Astoria you prefer, and ring the doorbell of every super in every building you see. Find out how to get put on their landlord's list for available apartments, and then follow through.

For example, my building—pre-war, 140 apartments, huge rooms. My landlord owns hundreds of buildings in every borough of NYC. Their form asks for your preference of location. Once a credit check is done, and you are approved, you are notified 6 weeks in advance of availabilities. To make your life easier, be sure to give something to the super, if you end up renting an apartment in a building where the super helped you get the application form. I hate the practice, but it is expected, and should you need services, pecking order will apply!

Good Luck

What is your time frame? Could you ask you current landlady to make your tenancy part of her sale? That could buy you some time to find a suitable place.
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