Author Topic: Normal range for rent in a 1 bedroom/1 bathroom in Astoria/Ditmars-Steinway area  (Read 1364 times)

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What is the normal range for rent in a 1 bedroom/1 bathroom in Astoria/Ditmars-Steinway area?

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I would say $1600 and up.  There are 1 bedroom apts in my building going for $1900

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If you are going through a broker, then yeah, I'd say $1600 and up.  Of course, there are cheaper places but most brokers aren't going to direct you to them.  Cheapest places are going to be in private homes, of which there are many on the side streets.  There are also basement level apartments as well.  I always put the word out as early as possible to friends via Facebook, telling them to keep their eyes and ears open.  I will also walk up and down side streets and if I see anyone in front of their own house, ask if they happen to know anyone on the block looking to rent out a place.  I will also pass by smaller apt bldgs and note any that I like....maybe walk by again another day... ask people who are coming or going if they know of any apts. coming available.  I've gotten some good info this way.  It's a lot of work, but it CAN work. 

Also note that there are in fact many 1BRs in this area for less than $1500 but you have to be very resourceful and diligent to find them.  I know a number of people who pay much less than I do.  You must believe that you will find something for less, and be determined to do so, and then you's just a matter of time and  what you are willing to accept.  Remember that brokers always will steer you towards the higher end of what  they 'believe' you can truly afford.  Higher rent for you = higher commission for them.  ;-)

Also, check out for listings of in-house managed (no broker fees!) apartment buildings in Astoria and elsewhere.  You contact the bldg management directly to see if they have anything available.  But again, this takes lots of work too, and repeated phone calls each week (since many of these buildings can be made aware of another tenant moving out, from week to week...)

The NYbits site seems to have changed a bit over time.  I have to wonder if some brokerage agency isn't trying to muscle their way in and overtake  the site....but typically in the past this site showed apts with lower rents and contact info for all the  bldgs..  Now it seems such bldgs are harder to weed out on this site...but obviously the bldgs you'd want to focus on for lower rents are the bldgs marked as 'walkup' buildings.  Most everything else there is going to be 'luxury' apts.

Also keep in mind that whether or not you have to pay your own heat, will factor into your overall 'rent' each month.  I've found that the older private homeowners tend to be more 'reasonable' and continue to include the heat with the rent.  Whereas the more 'savvy' landlords who are looking to simply make more money off of the fact that Astoria is now 'hot', they are the ones not only charging higher rents, but also separating out the heat costs and passing that onto the tenants as well.  Back in the day, heat was always included in rent, but more and more LLs (esp in gentrifying nabes) are passing that cost onto their tenants.  (For my small 1BR apt, I've noticed that I'm paying about $100 more each month, for my heat!)


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