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  • Take Root presents Aaron McGlorin and Katy Orthwein Dance Pr: December 04, 2015

Author Topic: Take Root presents Aaron McGlorin Dance and Katy Orthwein Dance Projects  (Read 797 times)

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Take Root presents Aaron McGlorin Dance and Katy Orthwein Dance Projects

Aaron McGlorin Dance: THE HARD WAY is an autobiography told through solo dances created over the past 10 years. Utilizing solos (made in response to pivotal moments in life) as the raw materials for a collage, this piece is a highly-physical recounting of a personal history. From life as an ugly duckling, to finding and defining new homes, failed attempts at love, and building a strong sense of self, the realization emerges that the only way to truly learn the lessons that life has to teach is the hard way.

Katy Orthwein Dance Projects:Katy Orthwein Dance Projects creates art that engages and enfolds the audience in a distinct world through the cumulative efforts of artistic collaborations. This premiere is the first phase of an ongoing project. From gestural specificity, nuance and delicacy to full, dynamic movement, a unique vocabulary reflects form that crystallizes and dissolves, as individuals are drawn together or repelled apart within their shared world. Exploring how time can seemingly suspend then cascade, the dancers vacillate between steadiness and abandon, seeking and assessing, as they test the waters, each other and themselves.

"Green Space is conjuring up a new image of Queens with its riveting performances that constantly seek to go beyond the status quo." - Queens Ledger

December 4th & 5th 2015 at 8pm
Admission: $15
Green Space Studio
37-24 24th Street, #301
Long Island City, NY 11101

Tickets are available at the door or online at

Take Root is a monthly curated series that supports dance makers by providing an opportunity to show a half evening work paired with another artist.


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