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1 Room in a 2 BR Apartment for Rent Starting Oct. 1st:
« on: September 18, 2006, 03:20:46 PM »

so the rent on the room is $693.42.  I know, an odd number.  The deposit: $693.42.  Utilties are usually around 20 - 25$ a month. 
It's down near 21st Street and 24th Avenue, a block from Astoria Park and a couple blocks from the Triboro Bridge. 

I'm looking for a roommate who's willing to sign-on to the lease with me and split the deposit amount. 
I'm also looking for a roommate that might have some furniture like a kitchen table and couch and chairs.  My soon to be former roommate is taking these core furnishings with her. 
What's the incentive for my future roommate to do this? Well, you'd get the larger of the two rooms in the apartment. 

Now, the room available is a nice size.  I think it's roughly 10x12.   I need to double check.  But, I do know that you can fit a queen size bed, a large bookshelf, and a desk in it.  The room also has  a built in closet unit and 2 windows that look out onto the treetops of Astoria Park and the twinkling lights of the Triboro Bridge.
The apartment is pretty basic looking except for one key and invigorating feature, the kitchen.  The kitchen is the largest room in the apartment.  It is amazingly large, so large in fact, that anytime a new visitor or guest stops by, their eyes get really wide, and they say, "Wow!  This kitchen is amazingly large!"  Also, there is lots of light and there's a great view of the Triboro Bridge from the living room.

As for roommate qualifications, well, I'm an actor, and it might be nice to find someone that's like-minded or in the arts, but really, all I care about is finding someone that is sane, clean, friendly, mellow, responsible, environmentally conscious, cooks, has lived with others, is okay with me subletting my room if I have to go out of town for a show, and is Catholic (just kidding about the Catholic bit).

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