Author Topic: WANTED: 1BR b/w Astoria Blvd & Broadway (28th St to Steinway)  (Read 2206 times)


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I'm trying to find an apartment in Astoria, but  A. don't want to pay a broker fee and B. am not entirely sure I'm going to find a 1 BR or large studio in my price range in the area I want to stay in. 

My current lease runs out October 15, so I'd prefer something that starts on that date so I'm not overlapping on rent, but I could probably manage to do October 1 if there's no broker fee.

Do you know of any place between Astoria Blvd & Broadway (28th St to Steinway) that's $1,100 or less?  I also have two very well-behaved cats, so they have to allow small pets.

Are you or any of your friends moving?

Feel free to forward this request to anyone in the neighborhood.  I can be reached either via e-mail through the message board.



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