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Linux/Unix General Computing Related Event
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September 15, 2004



IBM Headquarters Building

590 Madison Avenue at 57th Street

12th Floor, home to the IBM Linux Center of Competency

** RSVP Instructions **

    Unless you have already rsvp'ed for a prior meeting, everyone

    should RSVP to attend.

    Check in with photo ID at the lobby for badge and room number.

                      Steven Branigan (


                         Intruder/Crime Forensics

   This Wednesday, September 15 we will have our version of docu-drama,

   "A walk through some high tech crimes." Steven Branigan, a computing,

   networking systems' forensic specialist will enthrall us with a few of

   the cases he and a forensic team worked on as part of the New York

   Electronic Crimes Task Force (NYECTF). Steven will share the lessons

   he learned and the insights he has gleaned, and will pass on, to this

   meeting's attendees. Quote Bob Weaver, United States Secret Service .

     Task forces, in general, are not a new concept to law enforcement,

     and have been with us for some time. What makes the NYECTF so

     unique is the diversity of our membership and the personal, trusted

     relationships that develop between our members. Today, the task

     force consists of over 250 individual members representing federal,

     state and local law enforcement, the private sector, and academia.

     Our members include the largest financial services,

     telecommunications, and technology companies in the country. It

     also includes computer science specialists from 18 different

     universities. Among these partners, most of whom are strong

     competitors in the consumer marketplace, there is an unprecedented

     sharing of expertise, information and proven solutions, all of

     which have been employed in our common mission to prevent the

     disabling or compromise of critical systems and infrastructure.

   Gives an insight to the role of the NYECTF, and our speaker's

   background. Steven is also an author, his I.T. forensic book is

   entitled, "High-Tech Crimes Revealed: Cyberwar Stories from the

   Digital Front," via Addison Wesley Press. One of our esteemed book


  Book Description:

   Stories about hacking, stolen credit card numbers, computer viruses,

   and identity theft are all around us, but what do they really mean to

   us? The goal of this book, quite simply, is to help educate people on

   the issues with high-tech crimes. "High-Tech Crimes Revealed: Cyberwar

   Stories from the Digital Front" demystifies the risks and realities of

   high-tech crimes. Demystifying these crimes and raising the awareness

   of users of technology will make people smarter and safer, and that

   will make all of us safer in the long run. Steven Branigan shares the

   inside details on real cases he worked on in his various roles in

   law-enforcement, information technology, and security. The result is a

   comprehensive, accessible look at how digital crimes are discovered,

   what techniques the criminals use and why, and (in some cases) how

   they can be brought to justice. Inside, you'll find extensive

   information on Actual hacker investigations, including the harm caused

   and how the criminals were tracked and caught, plus the ins and outs

   of identity theft, a rapidly growing crime with potential for serious

   damage. Use of criminology and hacker psychology to detect and deter

   attacks. The risks associated with various technologies Do's and

   Don'ts for high-tech criminal investigations. This easily

   understandable book will take you beyond hearing about high-tech

   crimes to actually understanding how and why they happen--and what can

   be done to protect yourself.

  For More Information Visit (see

     * "High-Tech Crimes Revealed: Cyberwar Stories from the Digital


     * NYECTF

     * Steven Branigan Web Site

  About Steven Branigan:

   Steven Branigan is President and Founder of CyanLine LLC. CyanLine

   specializes in helping corporations successfully deploy wireless

   networks securely, drawing on his 15+ years of experience in fields of

   computer science and forensics. He is internationally recognized as an

   expert in computer security, and has testified before Congress,

   qualified as an expert witness for the government and has lectured on

   network security issues to N.A.T.O., the US Department of Justice and

   the US Secret Service.

   He has just released "High-Tech Crimes Revealed: Cyberwar Stories from

   the Digital Front", detailing the issues real businesses faced with

   computer crimes. In addition to being a founding member of the NY

   Electronic Crimes task force with Bob Weaver, Branigan worked as a

   Senior Manager with Bill Cheswick in Bell Labs Computing and Network

   Research, and together they subsequently founded Lumeta Corporation.

   In his spare time, he is pursuing his MBA at Columbia University.

   Steven's Web site is at .

Free Stuff!

    Swag of undetermined value and quantity may be distributed on a

    first-come, first-served basis. Arrive early for the best selection.


    GPG cryptography. Immediately after the presentation and continuing

    at Stammtisch we will be gathering for a keysigning. For those who

    already have keys, please remember to bring paper printouts of your

    40-character key fingerprint, as per the instructions in our howto

    docs. If you haven't created a key yet, and for keysigning details,

    our howto docs are a must read.


    After the meeting ... Join us around 8:30pm or so at TGI Friday's,

    located at 677 Lexington Avenue and 56th Street, second floor.

    Northeast corner.

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