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  • Take Root presents JENNIFERCHINdance and Vanessa Van Wormer : January 23, 2015

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Take Root presents JENNIFERCHINdance and Vanessa Van Wormer Dance on January 23rd and 24th
 JENNIFERCHINdance: will present a World Premiere, “Between Us”, a dance/opera collaboration.  Choreographer Jennifer Chin takes an abstract view on the classic form of opera music.  She breaks down the stateliness of conventional opera and highlights the intimate side of the music.  Along with tenor, Victor Starksy, she explores how the physical voice and the audible voice can speak to each other.  Also on the program is “Seduction of a Sparrow” which premiered at the Florence Dance Festival 2013 and was recently performed at the National Theatre in Varazdin, Croatia; the solo, “Undivided” last performed in Nicaragua, 2011; the duet “Aftermath” which premiered in the Breaking Ground Festival, Tempe, AZ; and the trio “we go down past things coming up” which was performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August 2014. 
 Vanessa Van Wormer Dance: is described as “lush and balanced, creating wraithlike moments of stillness and action” and possessing “quicksilver energy” Van Wormer’s choreography explores the juxtaposition between balletic lines, release, and athleticism. The idea for “In Order to Alert” originated when flying by night, as I was drawn to how spans of light illuminated glints of metal, rooftops, and fragments of the life below. These mysterious glimpses evoked images of fire, and I became interested in exploring the similarities and contrast between light as it reveals, and fire as it initiates. Set to a shadowy score by Scuba and Swod, this abstract intricate work for five dancers is a journey following the elusive nature of light and fire, and the potential of each to reveal, blind, devastate, or guide.
 Tickets $15
 Green Space Studio
 37-24 24th Street, #301
 Long Island City, NY 11101
 Tickets are available at the door or online at
 Take Root is a monthly curated series that supports dance makers by providing an opportunity to show a full evening or half evening work paired with another artist.


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