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Urban Farm in Astoria in need of community support
« on: November 20, 2013, 08:59:51 PM »


We are two Astoria residents working on a proposal to the department of small business services to obtain access to a vacant piece of land located at the corner of 45th Street and 19th Avenue for a community farm. We are currently trying to get more people involved and build local support in order to make a strong case for public access to the land. In addition to gathering people who are interested in this idea and willing to help bring it to fruition, we are also seeking written support from the Astoria community and local organizations to strengthen our proposal.

Here is the draft of our proposal as it currently stands, we would love your ideas and input:
"We are interested in utilizing the land for urban farming with a focus on education and sustainability. This would create a place for the community to gather, be creative, and teach each other about healthy living, strengthening the neighborhood in the process. This project would benefit the community through educational workshops promoting healthy, efficient, and sustainable lifestyles. Overall, we hope to create a place for Astorians to commune with each other and nature, all while learning more about sustainability and self-provisioning.
Realizing this project would involve clearing several trees to increase sun exposure in the lot, as this is necessary to successfully cultivate the land. Other modifications would be minimal; light structural features would include compost bins, raised beds, small sheds, rain water harvesting systems, and potentially chicken coops, solar panels, and wind turbines. The structures would all be foundation-less and non-permanent.
Transforming this lot into a farm would make it an invaluable community resource. We would like the space to be open to everyone and are exploring partnerships with local schools and other community-based groups. Increasing publicly accessible green space is crucial to creating healthy and sustainable cities. We hope to be able to put this idea into practice in Astoria."Please let us know if you are willing to provide written support or send this message to your members.

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