Author Topic: looking for empty storefront, garage, etc. to be donated for charity storage  (Read 955 times)

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Hi everybody.  I am a volunteer with an NYC-based charity and the founders live in Astoria.  The charity re-designs bedrooms for severely disabled youth and they need a place to store all their building supplies.  Right now they have to keep all their stuff in a storage facility that charges by the month.  We've solicited a few storage places to see if they would 'donate' a storage locker but the cheapo's all still want to charge us, though they say they are still 'giving us a break on the price'.

However as a NON-profit charity, we'd much prefer not having to pay anything at all for storage.

Is anyone aware of someone in Astoria...ideally in the vicinity of Ditmars and 31st, with an unused garage or an empty storefront that the owner might be willing to let us use?



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