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FOR SALE - membership to the Hell Gate CSA
« on: October 17, 2012, 03:05:15 PM »

We are looking to sell our member ship to the Hell Gate CSA for the remainder of this year. 

If you buy now, you get:

1.  Lovely, organic, fresh-from-the-farm fruits and veggies.  The share menu for each week could look like this (this is last weeks menu):

- Mibuna (an oriental green good in stir-frys and salads)
- sweet potatoes
- large tomatoes
- lettuce
- black eyed peas
- Selection of string beans: Dragon tongue beans (an heirloom bean) or Romano beans
- Fuji apples
- Asian pears

2.  Automatic membership for next season - no wait list!

If you take over our weekly share as of Oct. 23, you would pay $195.32 for fruits and veggies through December 11 (fruit share ends 3 weeks earlier than the veggies), plus a $50 fee which will be refunded to you upon completion of one  volunteer shift at the CSA (a 2-3 hour commitment). The price will come down a bit accordingly if you take over the share at a later week. More information can be found at

Please pay via cash or bank/cashier's check an amount of $245.32 to cover the cost plus refundable deposit.

This CSA is a great deal for couples or families, or even a single person who cooks and/or entertains a lot.  You can also split your share with a friend. 

Be aware that participating in this CSA could awaken the chef within you!!!

Please contact Josh at, or Maria at if interested.


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