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Author Topic: Training for a 10k, need a running buddy!  (Read 2284 times)

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Training for a 10k, need a running buddy!
« on: December 18, 2011, 11:50:20 PM »
I realized that it is helpful for me to have a goal to work towards, especially in the lazy winter months, so I don't just sit around on my butt eating holiday cookies.   I've run consistently in the past, but periodically fall off the wagon, only to come back with renewed vigor!  :tongue:

So...I'd like to work toward a 10k, and then potentially use that base to train for a half marathon. The first running plan I'm looking at is here:   It would be amazing to find someone local (36th ave area) to run with and help keep each other accountable.

My starting point now is about a 10 minute mile, and right now I'm starting off with runs that are 2-3 miles.   I prefer running with people who are slightly faster than me, since it makes me push myself harder - though what is most important to me is that you are as committed as I am, and that I can count on you!   My schedule is fairly flexible at the moment, but I like the majority of my runs to be in the morning so I can get it over with and get on with my day without having to worry about scheduling around it. 

Let's get started this week - I can't wait!


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