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plug II, 2006 (3pc)
« on: May 19, 2006, 02:20:17 PM »

(How low can you go? I would be thrilled if all the GOP were replaced by Dems and all the Dems were replaced by GOP. A different slate.

Usually when voters say they want a change in Congress, it means keep my own Rep and change the others. Then we end up with a 98% return rate, and the same old direction.)
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May 17, 2006
Republican Approval Ratings Reach New Low

The record low approval ratings of the Bush administration have are now spreading to the Republican Party as a whole. On Monday, a Washington Post-ABC News poll found 69 percent of respondents said the country is going in the wrong direction. Only a third of those polled want the Republicans to retain control of Congress.

The poll found 56 percent of the public would rather have Democrats in control of Congress after November's elections, the Washington Post reported.

But Democrats shouldn't get overconfident:

The poll offers two cautions for the Democrats, however. One is a growing disaffection with incumbents generally. When asked whether they were inclined to reelect their current representative to Congress or look around for someone new, 55 percent said they were open to someone else, the highest since just before Republicans captured control of Congress in 1994. That suggests that some Democratic incumbents could feel the voters' wrath, although as the party in power Republicans have more at risk.
The second warning for Democrats is that their improved prospects for November appear driven primarily by dissatisfaction with Republicans rather than by positive impressions of their own party. Congressional Democrats are rating only slightly more favorably than congressional Republicans, and 52 percent of those surveyed said the Democrats have not offered a sharp contrast to Bush and the Republicans.

Judging from the poll results, this year's election is shaping up to be a great opportunity for third party candidates.
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Women for WELD Re: plug II, 2006
« Reply #1 on: May 19, 2006, 05:47:28 PM »
Weld Campaign Launches Women for Weld

This week Women for Weld (W4W) was launched to help reach out to female voters across New York State and promote Bill’s impressive record on women’s issues. Seven Co-Chairs will lead the group and range in career, region, and background, from authors to elected officials to working mothers.

Co-Chairs are Monroe County Executive Maggie Brooks, Republican National committeewoman and educator Jennifer Saul Yaffa, Dutchess County Clerk Colette Lafuente, Borghese CEO Georgette Mosbacher, former Editor of Real Simple magazine, Carrie Tuhy, and founder of the New York Charter Schools Association and working mother of four Lisa Coldwell O’Brien, and Leslie Marshall, Bill’s wife and writer.

“There is an assumption by many that in places like New York State the battle for women's rights has already been fought and won, and that the ground is secure. This is simply not the case. Establishing and protecting the rights of women is an ongoing campaign that requires diligence and leadership, on a day by day basis, from the top down. Bill Weld has a long and outstanding record as a champion for equal opportunities and rights for all people, and especially for women. This is why women are and should be for Weld. And, this is why women want Weld as their next governor in New York,” said Leslie Marshall.

“As our community's first female County Executive, I can tell you that the top issues for women in Upstate New York are Bill Weld’s top priorities: strengthening our economy: fostering job creation; and, changing state government’s tax and spend culture. Bill Weld has a proven record of success on each of these issues and many others that are important to women and our families, from improving academic performance to keeping children safe and healthy to promoting qualified women to top positions in state government. It’s this record that makes him our best choice for governor this year, by far,” said Monroe County Executive Maggie Brooks.

Jennifer Saul Yaffa praised Bill for his record on combating domestic violence and promoting adoption.

“Bill Weld has a shining record of accomplishment when it comes to women’s issues. As governor of Massachusetts he fought to change the laws to protect women from domestic violence and was a tireless advocate for adoption. I look forward to sharing his message with other women voters and offering support throughout the campaign.”

Other women share the same confidence in Bill’s candidacy and praised him for him his open mindedness and independent thinking that will appeal to women voters.

“Bill is an independent thinker and women are independent voters. If women want their best interests served, Bill Weld is their best man for governor,” said Tuhy.

“As a working mother of four young children, I care deeply about the direction that New York State is going. Bill Weld shares the same goals as women and believes that every child deserves a high quality education. I look forward to helping him on the ground with grassroots efforts to empower parents and families and improve the lives of all New Yorkers.” said Lisa O’Brien.

“Issues that matter to women and families have always been my priority. From creating a domestic violence registry, establishing Megan’s law, strengthening the foster care and adoption system, and implementing programs to guard and care for rape victims, I have worked my entire career to protect and promote women’s health and safety and will do the same as governor of New York,” said Bill.

W4W Highlights Bill’s Record to Promote and Empower Women and Families:

Established Advisory Committee on women’s issues.

Combating Domestic violence
Created Domestic violence registry.
Established Domestic Violence Commission.
Drafted and implemented model guidelines for use in police stations.
Established a domestic violence prevention and intervention unit within the state police.
Made child abuse a felony carrying severe penalties.
Signed law permitting courts to consider battered women’s syndrome.
Created stalking law that makes stalking a felony requiring minimum mandatory prison sentences.

Protecting Women
Implemented “SANE” program to provide rape victims dignified and compassionate treatment.
Created the Massachusetts Sex Offender Registry (Megan’s Law).
Supports life sentences for habitual sexual predators.
Helping single family households
Improved Child Support compliance.
Collected hundreds of million in child support to help single parents and their children to be self-sufficient.
Signed legislation targeting hardcore child support delinquents.

Helping Families with Children
Created thousands of child care slots.
Created flexible program to subsidize child care slots.
Increased funding for early intervention services.
Increased funding for Women, Infants and Children Program (WIC).
Advocated and fought to strengthen and improve adoption laws.
Increased efforts to provide free vaccinations for children.
Established Children’s’ working group to better coordinate services to children.
Signed the Childhood Hunger Relief Act to guarantee access to food and nutrition programs for needy children.

Improving Education
Signed School safety bill.
Zero tolerance for guns at schools—automatic one year expulsion.
Created public school choice program.
Singed legislation authorizing the creation of up to 25 charter schools.

More about Bill Weld:

Bill Weld has the experience to meet the challenges facing our state and improve life for our families. Bill became governor of Massachusetts in 1991 at a tumultuous time, when taxes were high, the state was borrowing money to close huge deficits and unemployment was nearly 10%. Bill put the state back on track and provided greater economic opportunity: he cut taxes 19 times, balanced eight budgets in a row without raising any taxes, established an economic environment that reduced unemployment and helped create more than 200,000 jobs and provided public school choice so families could choose the best school for their children’s education.

If you believe in Bill Weld’s ideas and vision for a stronger New York,
please share this newsletter with your family and friends.

Make a secure online donation to our campaign!
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Political Contributions are not deductible for income tax purposes.)

** I expect to assist team Weld where possible - TRx **
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