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NY is #1 in wiretaps (Rant+ ; Village Choice)
« on: May 05, 2006, 04:27:47 PM »
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A Weekly (or whenever we feel like it) Rundown of
News, Views and Events
Affecting Freedom in NYC
Volume 5, Issue 3 * May 5, 2006

THE VILLAGE CHOICE is brought to you by the
Manhattan Libertarian Party.

In this issue:
* Weld accepts Libertarian nomination!
* New York is #1 in wiretaps!
* Bloomberg seeks DNA database!
* Your calendar of pro-freedom events!
* Much more!


* News Bites *

Strange Bedfellows
They're liberal on some issues, like legalizing
drugs. They're
conservative on others, like gun control. But at
their core,
Libertarians care most about preserving personal
freedoms like the
freedom to back whomever they want for governor,
even if he's
Republican. Republican gubernatorial candidate
William Weld said, "I'm
the guy who addressed the Republican National
Convention in Houston in
1992 and said I want the government out of your
pocketbook and out of
your bedroom. And if that's not Libertarian I
don't know what is. The
Libertarian Party of New York met this weekend at
the Best Western Hotel
in Colonie and voted William Weld as their man,
even though Weld
disagrees with many of their core values.

Snooping Capital of America
New York again leads the nation in criminal
wiretaps. New York
prosecutors reported 391 wiretap applications,
followed by California
with 235, New Jersey with 218 and Florida with
72. Court officials say
those four states accounted for four out of every
five wiretaps in the
nation. Across the country, state judges last
year approved 17 percent
more wiretaps, while federal criminal wiretaps
dropped 14 percent.
Overall, court-approved wiretaps increased 4
percent to 1,773 in both
state and federal investigations. Only one
application was denied. The
increase in 2005 was much smaller than the 2004
figures, which leaped 19
percent. Critics say the figures raise worries
that judges aren't
thoroughly scrutinizing eavesdropping
applications. Over the past 10
years, the number of wiretaps have jumped almost
70 percent.

Mean Genes
Standing alongside the city's police commissioner
and all five district
attorneys, Mayor Bloomberg pressed Albany
Democrats to approve plans for
collecting DNA from all convicted criminals. Mr.
Bloomberg wants New
York to create the nation's most extensive DNA
data bank, collecting
genetic material from anyone convicted of a
felony or misdemeanor.
People convicted of noncriminal violations - like
disorderly conduct and
open container citations - could keep their DNA
to themselves.

Jobs Program for Cops
Governments in Canada should steer clear from
adopting or emulating any
drug policies in the United States, an outspoken
New York state
prosecutor said Tuesday. "My advice to Canada is
stay as completely far
away from U.S. drug law policy as possible," said
David Soares, the
Democratic district attorney for Albany County.
In a scathing
condemnation of his state and country's drug war,
Soares said lawmakers,
judges and prosecutors in the United States know
their system is
ineffective, but they support it anyway because
it provides law
enforcement officials with lucrative jobs.,0,3394256.story


* Rant of the Week *

Libertarian Party Convention
Albany, New York
April 29, 2006      
Proper governance can be summed up in one phrase:
Keep out of my
pocketbook and out of my bedroom. When the
government leaves citizens
alone, it empowers them. Without undue government
interference, we
retain the unlimited possibilities provided
through choice and
competition. It is the individual who decides how
to properly spend his
money; and it is the family that decides what is
best for its children.
After all, as John Stuart Mill pointed out, "The
worth of the state, in
the long run, is the worth of the individuals
composing it." This is why
it is important to preserve freedoms and empower
New York State has done a reasonable job of
staying out of our bedrooms.
New Yorkers support a woman's right to choose and
so do most of its
public servants.
While our government seems amenable to staying
away from the bedroom, it
is having a harder time keeping its mitts out of
our wallets.
In search of votes, politicians continue to turn
government into a
grocery store offering never ending goodies to
voters. They forget, or
willfully ignore, that it is the voters that must
ultimately pay for
these things--through a loss of liberty and a
loss of resources. And by
taking liberty from the individual, we weaken the
New York is spending too much. By way of example,
New York's Medicaid
program is more expensive than California, even
though its program
covers 55 percent less people. Last year's
Medicaid budget was bigger
than Florida and Texas combined. If New York just
cut the size of its
Medicaid program to twice the national average,
taxpayers would save
$5.3 billion. 
And how does New York feed its out of control
spending? New York taxes.
In fact, we tax more than most other states, and
we have created the
worst business tax climate in the nation. 

When we are not taxing, then we are borrowing.
The Citizens Budget
Commission just revealed that New York’s state
and local governments and
their public authorities have borrowed $227

And when we run out revenues from taxing and
borrowing, New York has to
turn to creative budgeting and other schemes. The
specter of eminent
domain abuses now exists in light of the Supreme
Court's Kelo decision.

We are now seeing the effects of misguided fiscal
policy. New Yorkers
are leaving. And they are leaving in droves. We
are losing our talent.
We are losing our young. Between 2000 and 2005,
New York lost 1 million
people. I think it is because other states are
successfully competing
for our people. Florida and Texas have no state
income tax. And other
southern and western states have significantly
lower property taxes. 
Fortunately, there are some simple things we can
do to keep the
government out of our pocketbook:
First, we can send government to bed without its
supper. In other words,
cut taxes. I have always said, taxation is
theft--organized theft, but
theft all the same. If we truly want to create
jobs and help families
and individuals, we could do worse than to
eliminate all income taxes
for people earning under $75,000 per year. 
I believe in eliminating taxes for this
demographic, because New York's
tax burden effectively robs them of the power of
choice. If you are a
family earning $50,000, you may not have the
choice of where to send
your children to school. You may not have a
choice of whether to
purchase health insurance. 

I also want to eliminate taxes for those earning
under $75,000 per year,
because I want to create an incentive to stay in
New York. Living in New
York should be a choice--an attractive choice. If
you are earning
$50,000 per year, Florida, without its income
tax, becomes a very
attractive locale. 
I also plan on limiting property tax increases to
2 1/2 per cent of
total valuation, and limit growth in that tax to
2 1/2 percent per year.
Second, we can put a leash and collar on
government spending. I have
proposed a taxpayers' bill of rights that will
limit government spending
to the previous year's revenues, with adjustments
for population growth
and inflation. If New York government wants to
increase spending, then
it will have to ask the voters for permission. If
there is a surplus,
the government will have to give half back to
taxpayers in the form of a
tax rebate, and put the rest in a rainy day fund.
Third, we should limit borrowing. In New York,
there is a constitutional
requirement that state debt be approved by
voters. The government gets
around this by issuing debt through public
authorities. This loophole
must be closed.
Last, we need to end clever government methods to
increase the tax base.
There are, of course, proper uses of eminent
domain. Takings for public
infrastructure improvements are proper.
Unfortunately, the Supreme Court
Kelo decision permits the government to uses
eminent domain solely to
increase a government's tax base. This, I
believe, is improper. While
the government has the power to tax, it does not
exist to tax. Taxing is
not, and should never be a public use under the
constitution. A better
decision would have recognized that the state has
no inherent right to
"increased tax revenue." The citizens, and our
constitution, limit that
function. There is, in the final analysis, no
such thing as government
money; there is only taxpayers' money.
Taxes and spending are just one facet of improper
government intrusion.
Regulation is another aspect. New York businesses
suffer from high job
killing costs. In addition to Medicaid, New York
businesses also have
high energy costs, workers compensation costs,
and tort costs. Excessive
regulation kills jobs and limits freedom and
stifles choice.
Not every person in this room will agree on every
position, but I think
that everyone here agrees with the fundamental
principles of freedom,
choice and competition. I am an aficionado--a
disciple even--of
Friedrich Hayek. A government that respects
individual rights is the
government that best represents the spirit of
American democracy.
Removing the burdens of taxation and reducing the
cost of doing business
empowers our individuals and our economy. This
will lead to good paying
jobs—not some expansive government program that
decides what's best for
New Yorkers.

In short, I would like to remind everyone here of
the words of Robert

"There are only individual people, different
individual people, with
their own individual lives. Using one of these
people for the benefit of
others, uses him and benefits the others. Nothing
It's time to empower individuals. Through
individual choice and
competition, we will grow as a state and prosper.
It's time to make New
York an example of proper governance, of freedom,
choice and limited

There is much at stake: Again, as John Stuart
Mill cautioned: "A state
which dwarfs its men, in order that they may be
more docile instruments
in its hands, even for beneficial purposes, will
find that with small
men, no great thing can really be accomplished."
Thank you.


* Upcoming Events *

Saturday, May 6, 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Operation Politically Homeless booth
Join the Manhattan Libertarian Party at this fun
outreach project.
Second Avenue Festival
2nd Avenue between 11th and 12th Streets

Monday, May 8, 6:30 p.m.
Manhattan Libertarian Party monthly meeting
Guest speaker: Vijay Govindan, Regional Currency
Officer for the Liberty
Food and drink service available
Ukrainian East Village Restaurant, 140 Second

Monday, May 8, 10:30 p.m.
"The Libertarian Alternative"
A Libertarian political talk show
Time Warner Cable Ch. 34, RCN Cable Ch. 110, MNN
Ch. 1

Tuesday, May 9, 8:30 p.m.
A Libertarian political talk show focusing on NYC
Time Warner Cable Ch. 56

Wednesday, May 10, 7:00 p.m.
The Republican-Libertarian Alliance
2005 Libertarian Comptroller Candidate Ron Moore
will discuss what a
Libertarian is and how Libertarians and
Republicans may work together.
Refreshments served.
$5 for TR/Gramercy Park Republican Group Members,
$15 for non-Members
191 Seventh Avenue #2S at W. 21st Street

Saturday, May 13, 11:00 a.m.
Queens Libertarian Party monthly meeting
Guest speaker: Guerrilla Activist Jim Lesczynski
Bohemian Hall
29-19 24th Avenue, Astoria


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