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liberal/conservative: WELD for New York
« on: May 01, 2006, 03:23:46 PM »
(Some may know better than others that while I celebrate civic engagement across the political spectrum  :-D , my personal views are partisan.
The news story below is fine. While I should not whine, I want to look forward to when the lead issues are limited spending and free market education reform.

We are extremely early in the 2006 races.  :?
No one is expected to pay much attention until debates closer to the November election. However, political campaigns are often won as early as now.
It is up to the voters of NY whether the next Governor of NY is already coronated. And what do we demand of Albany for the next 4 years?

Libertarians endorse Weld
Updated: 4/29/2006
By: Sean O'Grady
They're liberal on some issues, like legalizing drugs. They're conservative on others, like gun control. But at their core, Libertarians care most about preserving personal freedoms like the freedom to back whomever they want for governor, even if he's Republican.
Republican gubenatorial candidate William Weld said, "I'm the guy who addressed the Republican National Convention in Houston in 1992 and said I want the government out of your pocketbook and out of your bedroom. And if that's not Libertarian I don't know what is.

The Libertarian Party of New York met this weekend at the Best Western Hotel in Colonie and voted William Weld as their man, even though Weld disagrees with many of their core values.
"It might distress some people in the party," said Libertarian Party Member Richard Cooper.
Members who heard his speech, didn't seem too upset however.
Jim Lesczynski said, "I really appreciated that Mr. Weld did not pander to us, where he disagreed with us he was quite honest."
And part of the reason they don't mind Weld's policies is his street credit. They believe the former Massachusetts Governor can draw votes, something the Libertarians desperately want because they need 50,000 votes in a general election to become a legitimate party with permanent ballot status in New York.
New York Libertarian Party Chairman John Clifton said, "We feel that Mr. Weld is the best option for efficiently obtaining the votes needed to receive permanent ballot status in the state."
So the Libertarians and Weld are calling their union a win-win, but whether it will be enough to topple fellow Republican John Faso or either Democratic challenger, Eliot Spitzer and Tom Suozzi, remains to be seen.

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