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(fw) Let the sunflowers shine
« on: April 06, 2006, 01:16:36 PM »

Subject: Sunflowers for Russ Feingold is LIVE!
Order Now!

Hey everyone, my campaign to send masses of
sunflowers to Russ is now ON!
Here's my Daily Kos diary with all the details:

$10 gets you a bouquet of five sunflowers and a
small flag! These will be
delivered to his Senate office on Monday, April
24 after they return from
spring break.

Native American sunflowers represent shining a
light in the darkness, and
hope for the future. Flooding Russ' office with
sunflowers sends the strong
message that we believe in him, and that we have
his back. Perhaps more
importantly, it says to the other Do Nothing Dems
that they need to start
listening to the will of the people and support
integrity in our government
instead of running away from the Censure
Resolution. If all goes well, a
freelance photographer from the Washington Post
will be present for the
flower delivery.

Naturally, some people would rather donate to the
Progressive Patriots
Fund, and that's fine! I suggest either $17.76 or
$20.08 to send a message.

Please spread the word! I can't wait to see the
media attention this gets,
and I look forward to posting wonderful pictures
on the 24th.

Rev. Willow Polson              
"We must become the change we want to see." --

--- End forwarded message ---
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