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welcome home
« on: April 05, 2006, 08:38:54 PM »
Hey, I'm back from my expedition
I hope you've missed me terribly
This ego is going to need some attention
All sense of importance fed to the sprawl
This is how the city stays awake
Pour your soul into the gaping jaw
I watched it swallow and ask for more
Five boroughs and a full frontal attack
Five months and the hinges won't hold
I hope you missed me terribly

Put up a barricade and packed all my things
You found a way in but I'm already gone
A note on the wall "this isn't going to work out"
Call me a coward, the truth is comforting anyway
Just tell me you've missed me terribly

Back where I left off
Back where I want to be
So I'm not outgoing
I'm not a huge success
Before you open your mouth, I know you've got issues
Please, shut the f___ up
Give me my warm welcome, and shut the f___ up
You say you missed me
"god damn right you do"
You're glad I'm back, now say it twice


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