Author Topic: Astoria CSA or Harvest Astoria -- want to split your share with me?  (Read 1443 times)

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The CSA window seems to have closed while I was out of town! Has anyone signed up for Astoria CSA or Harvest Astoria and are now worried you'll be swamped with veggies?  I'd love to split a share with you.

I'd prefer to split just by trading off pickup weeks, not divvying up the veggies each week. It might take a little planning--I travel a lot for work, and there are two stretches in June and July where I won't be here for a few weeks in a row. But I'm happy to take more of the all-kale weeks at the end of the season instead.

Drop me a note here or at zora at rovinggastronome dot com. Thx.


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