Author Topic: Why?: Astoria repped by Onorato, aligned with Dem. minority (Monserrate, et al)  (Read 8645 times)

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I really appreciate your posting, MLE.  Your point out an extremely important fact for this discussion.  It is not helpful to paint any group with a broad brush, making sweeping generalizations.  We run the risk of creating unhelpful polarization within the community, when what would serve us all would be to build and develop our existing points of connection.  I think what some have in mind is as much a generational difference of beliefs as it is about background and geography.  For heaven's sake - I grew up in Alabama, myself. 

So true! I was pleasantly surprised to hear that my parents, who have been a bit disapproving of homosexuality in the past (esp. my Dad) voted "No" on Proposition 8 last year in CA where they now live. They realize that it's a civil issue, not a religious one. These are both people who grew up in the Bible Belt, so just because someone grows up in a conservative area doesn't mean they can't think for themselves and/or change their minds.

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Looking at the negative nods in this thread makes me a sad panda.

If you're a sad panda, I'm a suicidal one.  Look how many neg nods I get.   :-)   Don't let that bother  you.   

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I'm hearing that Onorato has announced that he will not run for re-election, and will retire.


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