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Hellsgate CSA
« on: May 10, 2009, 06:33:29 PM »
Just want to "warn" anyone who is a "member" of Hellsgate CSA -- the organization is run arbitrarily . . . deciding who gets to participate and who does not.  I was a supporter of the CSA from the day it started (and in fact, a close friend was instrumental in bringing the CSA to Astoria), and Hellsgate CSA autocratically decided "not to offer" me an invitation to participate.  Seems that a bunch of us were allegedly sent emails to renew, yet never received anything, and were subsequently dumped off the CSA. Hellsgate CSA might try to tell you that you didn't volunteer in what they deem to be an appropriate manner (and seems they have some 'secret file' that is checked if you ask any questions), and uses that as justification to drop you, and insists that an email was sent.  If in fact emails had been sent, I would not have become aware of these arbitrary and autocratic maneuvers by a few folks who seem to be motivated by power rather than creating a sense of COMMUNITY.

While my life will not end by being denied participation, the entire process merely demonstrates the crummy way in which these people have decided to run what should be a COMMUNITY supported organization.  Seems Hellsgate CSA have crowned themselves the arbiter of who can be in a community and who is excluded on their shady excuses.

The tragedy here is that it is the farmers themselves who suffer from actions like this.  Although, because there is demand for the CSA, hopefully the farmers will not suffer.  But it is clear that this CSA needs to find its roots and its original COMMUNITY spirit!

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Re: Hellsgate CSA
« Reply #1 on: May 10, 2009, 09:36:45 PM »

While there might be legitimate issues with the way that the CSA is operated, personal attacks are not allowed on the board.  If anyone else feels the need to comment about the member's post, please keep it civil and do not use people's names without their permission.  Further violations of the policy may lead to suspensions and/or banning.

If you have any issues with this warning, please address them to the administrator or the moderator team. 


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