Author Topic: So how much is this "stimulus" plan going to cost us?  (Read 5404 times)

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Re: So how much is this "stimulus" plan going to cost us?
« Reply #30 on: February 28, 2009, 01:31:32 PM »
Most of the proposals I've seen are mostly revenue neutral. So, $75 B in energy rate hikes in exchange for $70 B in income tax cuts, with the balance going for green-energy R&D.

Plus, you can think of efforts to reduce CO2 emissions as being like an insurance policy. It replaces an unknown and potentially catastrophic risk with a much smaller and known cost.

Nothing that I have read about the cap and trade system says anything about a tax cut. This is taxation by an indirect means. So what really happens here is: Your energy rates increase to pay for a system that enriches the already wealthy while doing nothing positive for the "environment". They will then say "but we are investing this money to make your life better". But the truth is, they are not. They are giving grants to politically connected societal parasites who then steer reelection funds back to the entrenched incumbents.
For exhibit "A" let's start with ethanol.
The climate change myth has thankfully almost run it's course. But that won't stop those who enrich themselves on it from taking every dollar they can get while they still can.


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