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Dear Demetrios Poulakas

There is much to celebrate George W. Bush leaves the White House.  In addition,
Congressman Nadler, Chairman of the Subcommittee on the Constitution, recently
introduced a resolution expressing staunch opposition to any potential
preemptive pardons of members of his Administration and the need for an
Independent commission or select committee to investigate, and, where
appropriate, prosecute illegal acts by senior officials of the administration of
President George W. Bush.

I fully support this resolution and I have signed on as a co-sponsor.

The issue of preemptive and/or blanket pardons has been a subject of much debate and
frustration. There is great concern that Bush will abuse his pardon power and
further cover up wrongdoing by his Administration.

However, as citizens, we have a responsibility to reject any abuse of
the presidential pardon power to shield or manipulate investigations.

Regardless of the legality of potential pardons, there needs to be a full
accounting of this Administration's abuses.  No doubt many of the players in the
Administration will seek future positions or public office.  The public deserves
a full accounting of what they have done, and the law, in my opinion, requires

Many felt that President-elect Obama's victory might free members of Congress to move
forward with Impeachment Hearings.  However, the weeks since the election have
been largely consumed with trying to formulate a balanced and thoughtful
response to the economic crisis, which, no doubt, is affecting many of you.

The struggles of the American auto industry, and the ongoing banking and credit
crisis, skyrocketing unemployment, and our exploding budget deficit have taken
center stage.

Some of our most critical issues - universal health care, Medicare and
social security funding, alternative energy investment, and education
improvements are all threatened by this crisis.

Although I am committed as ever to holding this Administration accountable, we are facing a
historic crisis in this nation that Congress and President-elect Obama must work
together to solve.  Obama's victory gives us a window to accomplish vital tasks that will
have very direct impact on you and your family.

I thoroughly believe that President-elect Obama will return us to a
government that respects the rights of its citizens and the rule of law.&nbsp;</strong>
I look forward to working closely with his Administration to not only repair the
damage, but bring forth a renewed sense that government is, in fact, responsible
and answerable to the people.

With great respect and admiration,

Robert Wexler

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