Author Topic: More Responsible Financial (mis)management by the Gloomberg administration  (Read 1055 times)

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"Mayor Bloomberg's aides secretly pressured city tax assessors to inflate the value of land under the new Yankee Stadium so the team could qualify for nearly $1 billion in tax-free bonds, city e-mails show."


Wait a second.  I thought Gloomberg was a great financial manager, whose administration could lead the city through the current financial crisis.  I thought he was tough on corruption and patronage and put only the best and the brightest around him.  I thought that the city was having a severe financial crisis affected, in large part, due to dwindling tax revenues for city coffers.  But as is usually the case, the attitude from the top is "let 'em eat cake."  Let the masses absorb congestion pricing, tolls on East River crossings, higher MTA fares, higher taxes, fewer jobs, lower wages, reduced city services, and out-of-control traffic "enforcement" that issues $1 billion in summonses per year, while certain entities like the Yankees get sweet little deals like this.  Sickening.


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