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Organic Filmmaking
« on: November 14, 2004, 09:16:01 PM »
On Dec a couple of filmmakers will lead some sessions that will result in the shooting of a shortfilm. This sessions will take place at the FreezePeach cafe and will consist on:

1. Improvisations based on characters' descriptions posted at you will be able to walk in an do your thing, and who knows, may be you will see your line in the movie later on.

2. Casting: reading of scenes of the script in front of camera by aspiring or experienced actors. Both walk in and by appointment.

3. Shooting: a day to put every thing into tape with our guerrilla filmmaking skills. Shot with Panasonic DVX-100 on digital 24p.

4. Editing: with our laptop and external hard drive we will have a day for putting the movie together.

5. Screening premiere at the FreezePeach cafe. Prepare your tuxedos!!

Check for updates on the project.


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