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Election audit murmurs brewing
« on: November 06, 2004, 03:22:13 PM »

Any Randi Rhodes fans out there!? She has the 3 to 7 spot on Air America 1190 AM. And as it happens shes totally all over getting evidence of election fraud '04 out there. I'm just starting to follow up her references myself, but here's a starter:

This is a link to a message board posting of a letter to the US General Accountability Office (GAO) from Congressmans Wexler (D) and Conyers (R) to ask that the GAO  "immediately undertake an investigation of the efficacy of voting machines and new technologies used in the 2004 election."
Another essential ref of Rhodes is BlackBoxVoting.Org.

Hey, whats say we see whats what?,



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