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New Moderator & Advisory Board
« on: June 21, 2008, 11:57:12 AM »

First off I just want to thank everyone who participated in the rules discussion. I found the discussion to be very helpful to me in terms of what concerns people have about the rules and the execution of the rules of the site.

One of the main points people brought up is a desire to have more moderators and advisers to the moderation process. McDirk and I thought this was the best place to start before evaluating all the feedback and making any updates to the rules and procedures of the board.

In that interest, we've nominated a new group of people (and they've accepted) to serve on the moderator team. They will serve as both moderators and advisers to the direction the site takes over the next few months.

The moderator and advisory team consists of 7 individuals and is as follows:

Astoria Luv

Over the next few weeks this group will be taking a look at the rules that govern the board and trying to come up with some moderator guidelines.

I want to thank each of these people for being willing to help shape the policy and vision of the board, and thank you all for your support in helping make the site better.
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