Author Topic: An EASY way to volunteer for KERRY/EDWARDS  (Read 1798 times)

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An EASY way to volunteer for KERRY/EDWARDS
« on: October 30, 2004, 11:47:20 AM »

An easy and fun way to volunteer for the Kerry/Edwards campaign is to donate your free nights and weekends cell minutes and make calls for the campaign.

To be clear, you'll only be calling democrats who have signed up on and have expressed an interest in Kerry/Edwards. I've been doing this and everyone I've talked to has been friendly and has appreciated the call.

Iif you go to they give you instructions, phone numbers, and a sample script of what to say when you call.

Really, you're just calling states like Ohio and telling Democrats there that we New Yorkers are supporting them and counting on them to help Kerry get elected. You'll also have a list of events on your screen to tell them about that are going on in their local neighborhood.

It's a great way to help, to meet new people, and to help get our country back on track.

Please consider volunteering even 20 minutes of your time by going to:


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