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Halliburton & Bechtel
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Everyone seems to be talking about them... but who are they really? And what purpose are they serving. This is the main focus of this thread and believe you me (as with any mega-corporation) we must dig Deep.

Don't be afraid; you will lead, and I will follow. I'm right behind you. So light the candle and move ahead... this.. labyrinthine structure.....



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This is a start.


These are links to websites about Bechtel:

These are articles relating to Bechtel:

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(The) Carlyle Group
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Harken (Oil)
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Greg Palast, "Bush Family Fortunes: The Best Democracy Money Can Buy"  (film)
based on the book "The Best Democracy Money Can Buy: The Truth About Corporate Cons, Globalization and High-Finance Fraudsters"
, by Greg Palast
"Unprecedented" (documentary)
"Confessions of an Economic Hitman", John Perkins
Listen: ~42-46 minutes into show
"By Way of Deception"
The Satanic Verses"
Salman Rushdie

" ... sublibinal Messages!! I don't think we need to be subliminibal!"-GWB

Liberation -Whitehouse spokesman Ari Fleischer 2003
Freudian slip, or just plain coincidence? [o.k. so it's a commie Leftist site...just look at the information and dispute if you must; nay, also if you can. We need more information. All information is suspect.]

Here's a little more of the same, but this time from our allies in the East:,2763,866942,00.html

Who is this guy and what are the sources that he's using?
Remember, it is not necessarily who says something, it is what says something.

And Who are these people??!!
What are they saying?
Is the world better off without Saddam? Questions, questions.... only questions..

Cheers :? ,

-[IA]Content Free

Now the question is, if they=Coalition Forces, U.S. & U.K.  do decide to pull out what will happen to the Kurds?
Either way there must be a Plan. But will the Plan be in anyone's best interest? And if yes, then whose? Ours? The Kurds? Iraq's? Let us hope that this will not become one of those "perrennial" question best suited to the topic of Political Philosophy.


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