Author Topic: Car owners: Pls. give quick BEEP before backing your 2-ton vehicle onto SIDEWALK  (Read 697 times)

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An open note to car-owners...especially those with massive SUVs:

You should ALWAYS give a quick beep before pulling out of your driveway, ESPECIALLY if you are BACKING OUT. 

Sidewalks are intended for PEDESTRIANS.  I am stupefied at how many car owners never seem to consider that maybe, just maybe, a pedestrian may actually be ON the sidewalk right when they are about to pull their 2-ton vehicle out of the driveway.

Really, how HARD is it to just give a quick beep?  Isn't it better to be safe than sorry?  The onus is on you, the driver of the 2-ton vehicle, to watch out for pedestrians before pulling out.  In addition, even then, you might not SEE the pedestrian...maybe just as you turn your head to one side, they are coming up from the other side.  Or maybe the pedestrian is a toddler...the neighbor's kid...maybe your own kid.  Either way, give a beep.

Today I almost got hit (yet again!) by an SUV that was backing out of its driveway.  I (nicely) told the driver that it's a good idea to give a quick beep before pulling out.  He said he was sorry.  So all was good.  But again, drivers need to understand that the onus is on THEM and their 2-ton vehicle to be more cautious.  The sidewalk is for pedestrians.  And while I understand that yes, cars may be pulling in and out, I can't be stopping at every single driveway before passing it, to first check if the car is occupied...engine on...passengers inside or not.  I use my general awareness of course...if I see something obvious... but if it's during the day...and maybe no cars lights are on..and the car isn't moving yet...I may not realize there's a driver inside who's just about to back out.

So just give a quick beep.  It's not that difficult and could save a life!

Trucks now make automatic beeping sounds as they are backing up.  Clearly this was a new design intended to ALERT people that the truck is about to move, or IS moving.  Cars don't have this option, so in the meantime the onus is on the driver to alert others around them that they are about to pull out.

Thank you!!!!


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