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Re: New date "tests?"
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I am a vegetarian, but don't judge what others eat.  I can usually find something to eat just about everywhere I go.  I've only dated meat eaters.  I don't make a big deal of the fact that I don't eat meat--I just don't order it.  It's annoying to me when the other person makes a big deal of it, asking tiring questions such as "What do you eat" (the answer--FOOD) and going on and on about how much they love meat and how they can never live without it.  That they feel that way is fine, but I'm not judging them for eating meat, so they should not judge me for NOT eating it.

Besides that, I agree with many others on here who said it's important to see how your date treats other people.  If someone is rude to the waiter or gets upset about the little things like food taking too long, then they're not someone I want to see again.

There are also certain things your date should not talk about--their exes (good or bad, but I think it's worse when they're saying bad things about the ex), money (especially complaining about how little they have), or negative talk in general.  I need someone who will see the positive side of life--not bring me down.  If he's complaining that much on the first date, what will he be like a year in?  I don't need to know.

An interesting test I used to use to judge a date:  When I used to have a pet (rabbit), who was like my child, I'd see how the date treated my rabbit.  If they jumped down on the ground with him, tried to pick him up, etc, then the guy was too into me and trying to impress me too much.  If they just greeted the rabbit and maybe patted his head, it was just right.  If they ignored the rabbit, then they just wanted to hook up with me!  I didn't take this test too seriously, just something I would notice--that the way they acted usually reflected how they felt about me.


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